LA Mens Market.

LA Men’s Market is the premier men’s trade event for brands and buyers to come together and do business. LA Men’s Market found their lane by focusing exclusively on the Summer & Holiday seasons. LA Men’s Market takes place in Downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the Fashion District. The Trade Show showcases the best menswear brands in action sports, contemporary, lifestyle, accessories, streetwear and footwear.


Passport has been attending LA Men’s Market for a number of seasons. This is by far one of our favorite trade shows. It’s a very laid back environment, making it easy to connect and build relationships with the brand we work with. The Show was inspired by construction, as a representation of how LA Men’s market is re-building they way trade shows are done. The LA  trade show has always had strong concepts for each and every show.  The staff wears custom merch by Carrots By Anwar Carrots this season being a under construction carrots sweat suit.

Some of the brand we go to see are The Hundreds, Hex, XLarge, FairPlay, A Lost Cause, Carrots, Chinatown Market, Qilo NYC, Primitive  and much more. There are brand and buyers from all over the US that come to connect at this show. The show give you the chance to connect and grow with new and old companies in the industry. We get to learn more about each brand every time we go, Streetwear is this evolving creature you much continue to study to understand. At Passport we make it a point to continue to attend these trade shows because we don’t want our customers to miss anything new that is coming into the mens market place.