Connect the Coast X Passport

Passport is always trying to connect and grow with other within the community, when it came time to create a new project the first local brand that came to mind was Connect The Coast. Connect the Coast has become a local movement on the coast, the first time we had heard about Connect The Coast was about a year ago. They rolled out a series of videos called "Top 5" which was a list of to top 5 local artiest selected by a local panel of judges it consisted of Str8lacenochace, Mr Butter, The Lord, Dj Brotha C the panel talked about multiple local artiest but boiled it down to 5 James Kaye, Wynn, King Trip, Lil sketch, FG Thrilla. This list upset some people while others agreed with it, we loved seeing people reaction from this particular project. Threw out the year Connect the Coast made a name for them self by connecting with multiple artiest on the coast and not just favoring "one click". At Passport we make it a point to connect & Grow with every individual walks into the shop so it was a no brainer Connect the Coast was the only right option to work with when it came to a project about "connecting".


KO (The Lorde) has been in the music business for years he has some amazing accomplishment threw is craft, he had toured with Kid Cudi , had a song features in Despicable me and much more. KO is the face of Connect the Coast as lot of you may already know but some also ask who is the Lorde and when the heck did he some from and what is he about, Chris from passport sat down and gets to know the Lorde and what he's about in a 28min interview