10 Deep

  10 Deep is an independent street wear fashion lifestyle brand founded by Scott Sasso in 1995. The New York based brand creates highly detailed and augmented takes on traditional sports and workwear. Initially originating from the mix of far-flung nice musical and visual subcultures that fueled the original New York, Tokyo, London streetwear scene. As a brand that draws its inspiration from subcultures such as hip hop, skate, punk and graffiti, 10 Deep is a streetwear clothing line that strives to communicate individuality through bold and unique style, continuesly  living by their motto, "Forget everyone and listen to yourself" Passport got the opportunity to sit down with the man behind the sales of 10 Deep Sergio Spitaleri. Passport’s Chris Limon traveled to Dumbo NYC where the 10 Deep headquarters is located. The interview was filmed in the 10 deep show room, The Room was filled with art work, awards and iconic collaborations the brand has collected over the years. The Show room is typically used for the brand to show the up coming seasons to accounts, hang out with artiest and over all just chill. when you walk into the room you are just captivated by the huge 10 Deep logo they have painted on the wall, you can feel the history of the brand coming off the walls. 

While sitting down with Sergio we jump into conversation about his first encounter with 10 Deep and how he was initially introduced to the brand. Sergio gives us the back story to the question we are always being asked at passport “What does 10 deep mean”.  We break into discussion about Streetwear culture and how it has changed through the years. With 10 Deep being a US based brand, we found that there are more locations than the US 10 deep distributes to, they have retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Central and South America, and much more. Sergio gives us great insight about the iconic streetwear brand.