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Our story

About Us 

Passport – A hub of fashion, Streetwear, Lifestyle, luxury and much more…!

Passport, an alluring and exquisite platform for all streetwear apparel,  was established back in 2014. This fashion home resides in the heart of California at San Luis Obispo and have gained popularity over the years owing to quality and standard of excellence.

streetwear clothing

Our Aim

We aim to provide the services of all lavish top-tier brands under one roof. Quality-driven attires, original brand prices, and reliability are our key business credos. We collaborate with top-notch and authentic brands worldwide. Every clothing brand goes through an assortment process curated by our fashion and beauty experts so you can rest assured that at our base you will get clothes of the highest quality.

Upping the style game 

Passport embodies fashion spirits of all international traditions and courtesies. From everyday-go-to outfits to elite attires, we cover a broad range of fashion trends and cultural concepts. Our customer’s trust and satisfaction make us keep rocking the apparel game!

billionaire boys club
streetwear clothing

Setting the fashion dynamics on fire 

Our pride lies in the originality of our products and services. We encompass trends of women and men apparels like wovens, denim, t-shirts, headwear, outerwear, watch, and fleece. We endeavour to evolve the fashion world in terms of lifestyle, value, and faith.

We have a core belief of flourishing with other communities. We host a list of international brands like The Hundreds, HEX, Pleasures, 10 DEEP, Kennedy, Jungles, to name a few.