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Nate Nastyyyy Sunday Sesh


Our very own Chris Limon (Owner of Passport) sits down with Nate Nastyyyy for his new Podcast Sunday Sesh Hosted by Nate Nastyyyy Himself along with Dj Rowley. Sunday Sesh is the newest addition to the central coast movement, Passport was chosen for the 7th episode for the podcast. In the 60 minute podcast Nate Nastyyyy digs deep into questions of how we began passport. Chris takes you back to where is all beginning, with a sewing and a dream. In this interview Chris also tells the untold truth about his early beginning of running his first business. In this interview you will learn the struggles that came early on and the plans for the future. They talk about how he quit his job for his passion, and go in depth about lifestyle clothing and what passport is about. We learn about the Passport culture and mission of the shop. Chris explains why he chooses the brands that are carried at Passport and the importance of each brands' culture. The Sunday Sesh also features music from Local central coast hip hop artist each week locals submit their work to be featured onto the podcast, Nate Nastyyyy picks the top from the submissions and show cases both in the beginning and end of the Sesh. Chris was also asked to choose his Local pick (which is linked below). If you have not yet tuned into this recent Podcast check out the Sunday Sesh each Sunday at Live on Youtube 7pm.  


Jayke - Progression:

YNG $plash - Myself:

JerseyOverload! - Push to Start:

DJ Pauly D & James Kaye - Silver and Gold:

Brayell - What is Happy?:

Cam Jones - That's That: