Where Is The Future of Streetwear Heading?

Where Is The Future of Streetwear Heading?

Where Is The Future of Streetwear Heading?

     The world of men's streetwear is constantly evolving, offering a unique blend of trends, culture, fashion, and personal expression. As we look towards the future, several key trends and transformations are shaping the trajectory of this dynamic fashion sector.

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      Streetwear, traditionally known for its casual and comfortable nature, has been and still is, undergoing a significant evolution. The core elements of streetwear, such as hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, and pants, are being reimagined, blending with high fashion influences and increasingly creative design techniques. Some of the most notable ones are brands like Off-White, Supreme, and BAPE (A Bathing Ape).  These brands and more fall under the umbrella of luxury brands and are becoming ubiquitous in today's street style. Additionally sneaker culture, arising as a subset of street style, contributes to the high fashion integration immensely. One could also consider a simple brand like Nike and their shoe line of Air Jordans, as well as selected Air Forces,  high end fashion. This is attributed to their prices and value consistently sky rocketing upon reaching the second market. This fusion is creating a more sophisticated yet still relaxed aesthetic, resulting in an appeal to a broader audience.

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     Not to mention, sustainability is becoming a cornerstone in the future of men's street style. Conscious of the environmental impact of fashion, designers and brands are increasingly turning to eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods. Take a look at Jungles Jungles for example, an increasingly popular streetwear brand out of Australia. They obtained their BCSI certification, requiring ethical and eco-friendly business practices. Here at Passport even, most of our signature brand Port hoodies and outerwear are made of recycled cotton and polyester.  Occasionally the majority material on our hoodies is made of recycled plastics like water bottles. This shift in sustainability is not only a response to consumer demand but also a reflection of the industry's responsibility towards the planet. Recycled fabrics, organic cotton, and sustainable production practices are becoming more prevalent, signaling a more responsible approach to streetwear.

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     Technological integration is another exciting development in men's streetwear. Smart fabrics and wearable technology, also known as e-textiles, are beginning to make their way into everyday clothing items. Although this technology of clothing only recently emerged, it seems to be making quick headway in the fitness industry. From hoodies with built-in headphones to t-shirts with temperature control features, the fusion of technology and fashion is opening up new possibilities for functionality and comfort in streetwear.

     The influence of global cultures is also evident in the evolving landscape of men's streetwear. The fusion of different cultural styles and aesthetics is leading to a more diverse and eclectic look. This global influence is not only enriching the design palette but also promoting cultural exchange and appreciation through fashion. Inclusivity and diversity are becoming more prominent in the world of men's street style. Breaking away from traditional gender norms, streetwear is increasingly embracing unisex designs and promoting a more inclusive approach to fashion. This shift is empowering individuals to express themselves freely, without the constraints of conventional gender-specific clothing.

      The rise of digital platforms and social media such as TikTok and Instagram, is also playing a significant role in shaping the future of men's street style. Influencers and fashion bloggers are becoming key drivers of trends, while online platforms offer a global stage for showcasing and discovering new styles. Fashion icons and celebrities can also showcase trends or begin new ones, and with such a large following, their influence can turn these styles into a fashion norm almost instantaneously. The digital world is making streetwear more accessible and connected, fostering a vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts.

Collaborations between streetwear brands and artists, designers, and even non-fashion brands are adding a creative dimension to men's street style. These collaborations often result in limited-edition pieces and collections, creating a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness. For example the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1s originally sold for $150 in 2019 and managed to reach a resale price ten-fold of what it was, averaging around $1,500 during 2022. Specialties like these add to the high fashion sense of street style. They also allow for cross-pollination of ideas and styles, leading to innovative and unexpected designs.

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Design by Hannah Tran. Photographed by Phil Oh and Acielle Tanbetova
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By Irene Kim June 28, 2023

     In conclusion, the future of men's street style is heading towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and technologically integrated direction. The blend of high fashion with traditional streetwear, along with the influence of global cultures, is creating a diverse and dynamic fashion landscape. As we move forward, men's streetwear will continue to be a platform for personal expression, cultural exchange, and fashion innovation, reflecting the ever-changing world around us.


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