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Family Style Food Fest

The Hundreds


What is Family style ?

Family Style Food Fest is bringing the best of the best in the LA food scene together with some of the hottest chefs and restaurants in the world to Fairfax for the most insane food festival you’ve ever experienced. You know The Hundreds, and how they love creating community and do it with storytelling, events, design. But food is maybe the best way on earth to bring people together, and we love to eat. So, The Hundreds decided to invent a food festival. It was the only way we could justify eating 25 of our favorite restaurants on the planet in one day.

The Hundreds has paired all of these amazing restaurants up with brands and artists we all know and love to create one-of-a-kind menu items and merchandise collaborations to help you remember this day forever — or at least until next year.

Family Style is goes down Television City Studios on Fairfax. The Hundreds is also partner DoorDash for helping to help bring this wild idea to life.




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